These are some of the therapies that are offered by Dr. Rak:

Herbal Medicine - Most pharmaceuticals in use today were inspired by compounds found in nature. Modern research is showing that using whole-herb preparations is often, but not always, more effective than isolating a specific compound from the herb.  This is attributable to the synergistic effects of the many compounds contained within a plant as compared with the one compound, one receptor theory of pharmaceutical use.  Our herbal preparations include tinctures (alcohol extracts), glycerites (glycerin extracts), teas, salves (topical applications), and others.

Dietary Supplements - Supplements are individual compounds or mixtures of compounds that are innately found within the body and within the diet.  These include vitamins, minerals, or biochemicals of physiologic importance.  When people enter into disease states, they require much higher levels of these important nutrients.  Some supplements include synergistic herbs in the formulas.  

Physical Medicine - There is a relationship between the structure of the body and its function. Physical medicine addresses this relationship.  This practice combines specialized stretching techniques, osseous manipulation, and muscle manipulations such as trigger point therapy for the relief of physical pain.  

Craniosacral Therapy - This is a practice of very subtle manipulation.  It is based on the idea that both physical and emotional trauma can be held within the body structure.  Through manipulation these traumas can be released from the person.  This technique has been shown to benefit a large variety of conditions and leaves the person feeling calm and relaxed.  

Trigger Point Injection Therapy - A trigger point is a place where the muscle is so tight it clamps down upon the nerve, prohibiting the nerve's proper functioning.  Most people think of these as 'knots' in their muscles, often when pressed, these will produce pain in other parts of the body.  For instance a trigger point in a shoulder muscle can 'radiate' pain into the ear and head.  These are addressed by injecting a substance that releases the muscle tension, restoring function to the nerves. 

Injection Therapies for Chronic Pain - The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is in charge of maintaining the current function of the body.  When pain issues become chronic, a common cause of continued pain is that the ANS becomes confused as to how to correct the issue.  By using injection therapies, we can reset the ANS response to restore the correct function, improving or completely alleviating the offensive situation.  

Homeopathy - A homeopathic preparation is created by placing a substance in an alcohol:water mixture, diluting this mixture in water, and then shocking this dilution by force.  This process imparts a pattern of the original substance to the water, thus changing the structure of the water. The body can recognize this pattern, which it uses like information to inform the function of the body system.