Eating Disorder Prevention and Treatment


In Lily's practice she recognizes the social, cultural, and medical influence on the relationship with ones body, food, and exercise. She practices prevention of disordered eating and exercise through awareness of the power a physician or teacher can have on influencing the relationship with an individual's body. Lily places the patients relationship with self first and uses a way relating to her patients that empowers them to make choices that strengthens their intuition and trust in self. She steps away from the traditional model of basing health on weight and body size and uses the concepts of Health at Every Size ® and Intuitive Eating to both prevent disordered eating to begin with as well as in her treatment philosophy for those who already struggle with this relationship

 With her patients she not only  provides physiological health monitoring and maintenance, but will aid in beginning the journey to self-love and intuitive living. With her background in nutrition and additional training in counseling, Dr. Lily is a key component to an individuals eating disorder support team. Please contact Dr. Lily for additional information if she will be the right physician for you or a loved one.

For additional resources in how to prevent eating disorders in your community, please visit The Body Positive at