Injection therapies can be a game changer in the battle of chronic pain.  In my practice I have seen dramatic improvements of long-standing conditions after just one treatment.  These techniques can provide lasting relief when other options have failed.  The therapy is based on the use of a short-acting local anesthetic called procaine, whose action is to reset the membrane potential of nerve tissue.  When the membrane potential is reset, it is akin to rebooting your computer when it isn’t acting how you would like.  The computer boots back up and tends to work as if nothing happened.  Well, the nervous system acts the same way.  The intervention is targeting the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which is in charge of maintaining homeostasis or normal function in your body.  In order to do this, when something pushes the system out of balance, the ANS brings the system back towards the set point.  It doesn’t try to bring it all the way back to the set point because it doesn’t want to overshoot the set point.  When someone has chronic issues, the set point tends to drift further and further away from the “ideal” set point and the ANS incorrectly starts adapting to a set point that causes pain.  When we reset the ANS with the injection therapy, we restore the original set point and the ANS begins to maintain a proper homeostasis rather than a dysfunctional one.  A typical treatment involves some manipulation or adjustments prior to the injections to restore the proper position of all the bones and muscles as much as possible before hitting the reset button, so that when the ANS boots back up, it recognizes that everything is in the correct place.  If you have ever gone to a chiropractor over and over again for an issue that just does not seem to get any better, the problem is that the chiropractor isn’t able to get this ANS reset, so that nervous system is just acting to restore the previous set point.  If you are interested about trying this therapy for your condition, I would be happy to have a brief conversation with you about your situation and if I think that this treatment method could be helpful for you.