Office Visits:

We accept the following insurance:

  • Premera

  • Regence

  • Lifewise

  • First Choice

Please contact your insurance company to confirm that we are in-network for your plan.

All other insurance will be billed as out-of-network services with payment needed at time of service and superbill provided. Please contact your insurance company to inquire about out-of-network coverage.  To discuss out-of-network fees and costs please contact us. 

Physical Medicine Visits:

Every insurance plan has varying coverage for physical medicine. If you would like to verify your coverage prior to a visit, please contact your insurance and inquire about coverage for the following CPT codes:

Manual Therapy: CPT code 97140

Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy (OMT) Codes: CPT codes 98925-98929

Labs and Blood Work:

Understanding coverage for labs prior to your blood work can often save you a significant amount of money. Even if your physician is out-of-network for your insurance, you can still use your insurance for lab coverage. Please download the below document to have a basic understanding of insurance language for labs and how to communicate with your insurance company to understand your individual coverage prior to your blood draw.

**Understanding Billing and Insurance for Your Blood Draw