Naturopathic Medicine

To schedule an appointment with Lily, please call Emerald City Naturopathic Clinic and request her as your physician.  

Dr. Lily's Approach

Dr. Lily provides primary care services in naturopathic medicine. She believes that a primary care physician should be the organizational center point in coordinating each individual patients unique health care plan. With the stresses of daily life, it can often be too much to keep track of when your next eye exam, pap smear, annual physical, or dental exam should be which is why Dr. Lily will not only help track this, but will provide appropriate treatment when necessary all in one office. Imagine having one doctor who understands your full health history who can address your physical body, emotional being, and internal health. Dr. Lily strives to minimize the complexity and stress on the individual to manage their health care by organizing their health journey and facilitating support in all avenues of mind, body and spirit. 

She has extensive experience in the treatment of eating disorders and in eating disorder prevention. She practices medicine from a Health at Every Size  ® perspective and through this lens helps each individual find health and love for their bodies at each individual's unique weight through intuitive eating and exercise. Lily emphasizes the importance of the mental and emotional connection to ones health and provides space in each visit for her patients to explore this when needed. She has additional training in physical medicine modalities  as listed on the Body Work  menu above as well as training in kinesio taping. Additionally, Lily will incorporate herbal medicine, supplements, IV nutrients, and homeopathy into treatment when needed. 

Please contact Lily for questions on whether she may be the appropriate physician for you and what you can expect in working with her. 

Naturopathic Physicians


Naturopathic physicians (ND's) combine modern practices of conventional medicine and science with the healing power of nature. They are licensed primary care providers in 17 states in the United States and are extensively trained in four years of clinical medical training at one of eight accredited universities in North America. Their training includes advanced topics in biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, neurology, botanical medicine, pharmacology, physical medicine, and homeopathy. It should be made clear that some people may call themselves a naturopath and this is not the same as a naturopathic physician or a naturopathic doctor. The United States and Canada are the only countries with accredited universities to provide education for licensed naturopathic physicians. Some may distinguish themselves as naturopaths, but the licensure is different and they are not qualified to be your primary care doctor or to act as the center point in your health care. If you want to work with a naturopathic doctor (ND) please ensure that they are trained by an accredited university.  

Naturopathic physicians provide individualized medicine to the patient through a holistic approach with an emphasis on preventative strategies, diagnosis and treatment. Their philosophy trains them to use treatment that is of the least harm to that individual while supporting the mind, body, and spirit to facilitate optimal health. 

As your primary care doctor, ND's are the center point of your health care team. They will generally spend 60 to 90 minutes with you on the first visit and 30 to 60 minutes on follow up so that they can fully understand all of the factors contributing to your health. They can treat all conditions and are covered by some insurance. 

Please visit  American Association of Naturopathic Physicians for more detailed information about education and scope of practice in your state.