NOTE: Online scheduling may not work on all mobile devices.

Cancellations and Rescheduling: You cannot cancel or reschedule an appointment online. Please email or call us directly to coordinate a schedule change.

New Patient Visit: 80 Minutes

  • Dr. Stokely is accepting new patients

  • Dr. Bowen and Dr. Rak will not be accepting new patients until November 2019

Returning Patient Visit: 50 Minutes (If you are a returning patient of Dr. Rak’s and scheduling for the first time at the new location please select ‘follow up visit’ and then when asked if you are an existing patient please select ‘no’ so that you can be added to the medical records system at the new location).

Physical Medicine Visit: 20-50 Minutes

Injection Therapy Visit: 30 minutes

Counseling Visit: 50 Minute