Health at Every Size ®

Health at Every Size ® is the practice that each individual has an innate weight in which their body can thrive. This model steps away from the concepts of generalized health based on weight and BMI and embraces the science that demonstrates a body may be at varying weights and can remain in a healthy state. Weight is not an indicator of health independently from other health markers. Health at Every Size ® invites individuals to experience their body and how they live in it so that the true definition of health can be experienced; a body free of limitations. A practitioner that practices in the Health at Every Size ® model will not use your weight as a measure of your health, but will rather assess your health by how you feel in your body, how much energy you have through out the day, if you are in pain or if your body is able to move freely, and other biochemical markers. Health at Every Size ® practitioners guide their patients to find love for their body at all shapes and sizes rather than fear and hatred. It recognizes the mind-body connection and the affect of negative thought on the body and how that can influence behaviors and belief systems. It allows patients to live freely physically, emotionally, and spiritually by cultivating intuition and trust for their beautiful, unique bodies which then integrates into all areas of one's life including relationships with others, work and play. Lily is a Health at Every Size ® practitioner and will honor your body in all shapes and sizes. It is from this place that Lily practices eating disorder and disordered eating prevention with each and every patient. She recognizes the influence the medical field can have on body hatred, self-judgment around weight loss or weight gain, and use of medical diets that can create more harm than good in the long term. Lily guides patients to embark on a journey of self love that allows patients to strive for self-care and nourishment holding space to allow for an empowered health journey.